Ahlan wa sahlan Marhaba, WELCOME!

About Makanny

One of the favourite leisure tours options of the native people of the United Arab Emirates is to go for a relaxing time in the desert during the winter, to enjoy a quality time with family and friends watching the beautiful view and enjoying the peace that the dunes and the sunset brings specially in this season of the year.

“My place” or Makanny in Arabic, is exactly it, one cozy  place where my family and I spent our time together, always with the recognizable Arabic hospitality, we welcome our family and friends with great care, traditional tea, dates and the delightful Arabic dinner to contemplate the beauty and magic of this scenario.

As the group of friends has grown over the years and always coming along with significant curiosity about my experience in the United Arab Emirates, I was encouraged to open my home to my friends, and the friends of the friends, tourists and even residents who wants to know more about the tradition of this country that welcomed me many years ago, talking about the contrast between the modernity of Dubai and the strong  cultural aspects that are respected and passed on from generation to generation.

Makanny receives tourist from over the world interested in learning more about the Emirati culture, curiosities and traditions, we will be talking about marriage, dress code, the use of nikab, abaya and hijab, all through a very personal way under a different concept of cultural tourism in Sharjah and Dubai . Here, everyone is welcomed in an extremely pleasant atmosphere as in a meeting with friends.


Ahlan wa sahlan Marhaba, WELCOME!

Jamile M. Haikal
Brazilian, living for more than 26 years in the UAE, married to an Emirati (native) and mother of six children born and raised in the lands of the Sheikhs, I am in love with Arab culture, welcoming people into my house and sharing experiences of living with local families.

The differences between Western and Emirati culture are already part of my every day life.

In these 26 years the strong contact with Arabs brought numerous stories, adventures, knowledge and curiosity. Being part of the heart of a local family, I have an unique access to the tradition and cultural expressions cultivated over the years and I have closely seeing the growth of this country from the past decades.

Issues such as marriage, clothing, the use of incense, perfumes and many other peculiarities are aggregated to my routine and presented with details to friends that always want to know more about this mystical and rich culture through an informal conversation and distinctive hospitality.

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At Makanny you will find the icons of the Arabic tradition that will make your visit to UAE even more enriching, all details were thought with great care for everyone experience an unique contact with local culture.

Arabic Welcome

Traditionally the local familly welcomes the visitors with a perfect combination of tamaras, lqaimat and arabic coffee (Gahwa), a warm characteristic of the Arabic hospitality.


Henna is very popular in Arabic countries and massive used by woman as ornament mainly on special occasions as weddings, engagements and parties.


Despite of the UAE modernity, the meals are still carried out in most of the families following the culture of the Bedouins, with trays on the floor and the family gathered sitting to share this moment.

Local Clothing

Visitors are invited to dress in local clothes and register this moment. Men wears the Kandoura, made of a light , loosing and fresh fabric, until the height of the ankle, completing the look, the head is covered with Gahfiya and Ogal. Women wear the Abaya and Sheila (also called Hijab), a modest garment that covers the body contours.

Camel Ride

Years ago the camels were the main source of income, feeding and transportation of the local community, meat and milk were destined to own livelihood while the leather was made into clothing and footwear. Currently, the camel race is a very popular and appreciated sport in UAE.

Perfumes and Incense

Culturally the Emirate people hold a high appreciation on the use of perfume and incense to give a good fragrance on clothes and inside the house, each purpose requires a different incense. Handmade perfumes made of oil is also an important part of the tradition of the Emirate family.

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